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Finding the right size sling will maximize the comfort and enjoyment of both you and your baby and home or even if you are out with your family. To obtain an accurate measurement you want to use a soft tape measure and measure from the outer corner of your shoulder diagonally across your body to your hip. (Be sure to measure across your chest, depending on cup size this could significantly alter your sling size)

Don’t have a tape measure handy? Buying as a gift? Sizing a sling should never feel overwhelming. Dittany Baby‘s slings are designed to fit like today’s t-shirt sizing. If you wear a size Medium t-shirt then get a medium sling. When your sling arrives if you find it is a bit tight or a bit too small just give us a call and we will gladly exchange it for the proper size.

The Proper Fit:

If you have bought a pouch and you think you may have the wrong size here are some indications:

An indication that your sling is too small is that it will dig into your baby’s legs, be extremely difficult to get your baby into and if it feels uncomfortably tight.

An indication that your sling is too big is if your baby feels insecure, lose or wobbly. It is also too big if your legs bump the baby’s bottom as you walk. A sling that is too big will also cause back ache after wearing it for only a short time.

Wearing Instructions:

Find the curved seam in the pouch and fold the pouch in half positioning the curved seam to the lower end (curved seam will sit at your hip) and the opening facing upwards.(Hip Carry) Place the sling over your shoulder with the open edge facing upward. Remember the seam will be on the “Hip” end and not the shoulder. Gently place your baby’s legs between you and the sling. Holding your baby with one arm use your other hand to open the sling (the most comfortable fit will have the seam being right between the babies legs and up their back) For the Hip Carry it is most comfortably worn if the seam is slightly to the outside of your breast. Holding on to the bottom of the sling gently lower your baby into the sling. If you need to adjust the sling, slide the baby around to your hip with their legs straddled, one in front and one behind. Your baby’s arms can be in or out.

Place the sling over your shoulder with the open edge facing upward. Remember the seam will be on the “Hip” end and not the shoulder. Place your baby on your shoulder and open the pocket of the sling.

Gently lower your baby into your sling, bottom and feet first. Your baby’s bottom should be at the curved seam of the pouch with their head up towards your breast.(Tummy Carry) This is basically the same as the “Hip Carry” except instead of sliding the baby to your hip position your baby tummy to tummy.

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