Top 10 Shopping Sites

With the way online shopping has grown these days, it’s no surprise that there are a record number of stores emerging each and every day in different niches. When you think of online shopping some names you tend to remember more easily than others. Let’s take a look at some amazing online stores we think everyone should know about.

1) – This is an eCommerce giant, anything you can possibly think of they will have. They sell anything from movie streaming services to air conditioners to diapers. They will also introduce drone delivery soon so this is one company to watch out for.

2)E-bay – A sellers dream essentially, everything from used computers to new fitness trackers to clothes are sold or auctioned off here.

3)Stylewe – An amazing new clothes store that offers modern designer wear for very affordable prices. You can find items from swimwear for the beach to casual wear when you want to hang out with friends. Shop Here!

4)Flipkart – A relative unknown for the western world but it is a giant among Asian countries especially India.

5)Alibaba – A multi-billion dollar online retailer that gives common people access to industry level manufacturing. If you like any product made for you or your company that is innovative or just routine, Alibaba has you covered. You can live in any corner of the world and tap into China’s and Asia’s vast manufacturing network

6)Element14 – If you are in need or any electrical devices or electronic devices or even a raspberry pi, this would be the way to go. A product line-up with the focus on silicon based products this shop forms the foundation for Silicon Valley to thrive. If you are looking for replacement parts for computers, this might be the store to visit

7)T-spring – A unique shop where you can design your own t-shirts and market them to get it made. You get to keep a large % of the sales too! An amazing store which is a must visit. Especially if you like to really control what is on your t-shirts.

8)Asos – Another large online store for fashion wear. Men and women can choose between multiple brands as well as Asos’s own collections. A great thing about this shop is that it also links you to a marketplace where you can shop for boutique items. You can explore vintage brands and obtain custom designs this way

9)Facebook – The site known solely for social networking has expanded its reach and now has its own marketplace within the platform where you can buy and sell items. It even helps you narrow down through geographic proximity. In the context of an advertising agency it also sells access to people across the globe.

10)Walmart – Another retail giant which due to its sheer size didn’t play catch up to amazon for too long. Instead has thrived with their ability to reach almost every person living in the United States at all hours of the night and day.

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