ANYGEN CO., LTD. has supplied custom peptide products in local pharmaceutical companies in korea

Anygen co., ltd. has supplied custom peptide products in local and international pharmaceutical companies apart from competitors, we contribute to the revitalization of developing a new medicine. Ultimately it is lead to improvements and increase in sales.

A few company have monopoly on peptide drug materials market all over the world. Anygen co., ltd. Is the first GMP certified company in domestic, we commercialize peptide drug materials at a reasonable price. We expect to contribute to the advancement of national medical industry and national health care. Provide a wide range of high quality peptides that the customer desires.

Peptide bio-material manufacturing:


  • Leuprorelin
  • Desmopressin
  • Exenatide
  • Ziconotide
  • CMO


  • Peptide for Research, study
  • Peptide for cosmetic

Amino acid-based peptide bio-new drug development:

  • AGM-130 (Breast cancer treatment)
  • AGM-212 (Type 2 diabetes treatment)
  • AGM-251 (Neuropathic pain treatment)
  • AGM-290 (MRSA infection treatment)

Generic Peptides

Leuprorelin Acetate, DMF

Cat -KTA-35


Sequence– Pyr-His-Trp-Ser-Tyr-D-Leu-Leu-Arg-Pro-NHEt acetate salt

MW- 1209.42


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Goserelin Acetate

Cat -KTA-32


Goserellin Acetate is a potent LHRH agonist. After a transient increase, continuous administration results in downregulation of LH and FSH levels followed by a suppression of ovarian and testicular steroid biosynthesis. bio-venture company in korea


Pyr-His-Trp-Ser-Tyr-D-Ser(tBu)-Leu-Arg-Pro-Azagly-NH2 Acetate salt




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