Avail Massage in Geneva via Ayurvedic Healing Methods

In the quest for greater health many of us today readily embrace new lifestyles, eating habits or adopt new philosophies. However the process can often be overwhelming and the results less than rewarding when the results you get are minimal, and expensive. In order to choose through the loads of options, many of us simply seek to find balance however again the challenge is how to find balances if you don’t know what your imbalances are. Ayurveda Switzerland has the answers. Ayurveda is the ancient medicinal approach to better health by alleviating suffering, eliminating disease and increasing your spiritual nature and balance.

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian healing art based on the principles of five elements (mahabhutas) of which are perceived by our senses and the building blocks of all existence (organic and inorganic).  These five elements comprises of Akasha (ether), Vayu (air), Tejas (fire), Jala (water), and Prthivi (earth).

Geneva Massage is based around balancing of these five elements which are altered from their initially pure state of consciousness by energy forces. We encounter these energy forces throughout our living process and thereby causing imbalances, which further spawn disease and a broad array of deteriorating conditions.

The principle treatment of ayurveda is Panchakarma Treatment. While this approach and its foundations are complicated, Ayurvedic experts can simplify them with their direction and education. Ayurvedic expert, instructor and practitioner having experience in the field is best to trust for treatments geared to detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and balance the doshas (forces which governs one’s physiology).

Massage in Geneva is the most favorite amongst the ayurvedic treatments as the massage therapy instill balance of the physic as well brain. Another treatment you must not forget is the shirodhara, and, the body work. Since the most enjoyable portion is the treatment of the skin brushing it is practiced sincerely for its benefits evolve in the form of internal (physiological), external (physical), mental, emotional and spiritual and for some metaphysical.

Additional Ayurvedic Treatments offered by ayurvedic spa among panchakarma program include the following:

  • Karna Purana (ear oil therapy)
  • Ear Candling (removal of ear wax)
  • Lepa Therapy (plasters)
  • Tarpana (emotional letting and healing)
  • Ayurvedic Facial
  • Chakra Anointment
  • Reevaluation and consultation
  • Oils, topical solutions, teas and recipes to take home
  • Yoga and Meditation

There are Ayurvedic retreats and treatment centers dotted throughout the world however you can even find the most holistic ones in Switzerland. L’essencce Holistique center of ayurveda is dedicated to those searching for peace, harmony and wellbeing. While offering different ayurvedic consultations, treatments, massages and wellness program the center provides ayurvedic training for the aspirants. For more details about Massage in Geneva, visit our website http://lessencce.com/

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