Backup Module to Make Data of Your Site Safe

JetBackup is famous to offer backup services. We have the effective backup solutions for SMBs as well as for enterprises.

Under this category, there are full backup wizards. These wizards are successfully created and installed to effectively guide new users set up their first website backup. Typically, the backup is completed onto a computer or an email that is taking apart from the domain emails. This is done to stop users from rapidly filling up their disk space by successfully backing the site up into domain emails.

WHMCS backup module is very beneficial. cPanel is the control panel for your website to successfully backup. If you have a website, you should be using cPanel, mainly to:

  1. You can do regular backups
  2. It is easy to Setup and Manage Email on your domain
  3. You can Review system logs
  4. Monitor your web traffic

As a webmaster, one of the most vital tasks you must perform is BACKUP of your site information. If you have any hope of successfully recovering your data after a crash of any kind, these backups must be successfully stored outside of the domain being managed, and accessible.

  1. The backup utility you make use of must also have the full capability to restore those things that were backed up. If your site maintenance schedule does not comprise regular backups, you are living on a very unsafe edge.
  2. Hardware fails. Sooner or later, your hardware might fail. WHM restore full backup utilities comprise the backup wizard.
  3. This utility is so trouble-free to use, it takes away any reason you have for not doing it! You must keep in mind to do both the home directory and the MySQL databases.
  4. If you have an email server running on your site, there is a need to do the email forwarders and email filters.

The home directory backup could be a huge file, while the MySQL databases usually take substantially less time. If you make use of the restore facility in cPanel, you need not to worry about. You must just copy the files once they are successfully downloaded — you will never really have to open them.

There is a need to do a backup at least every week. WHM backup script is very effective here. The backup files must be successfully stored on a local hard drive, but it should also be stored in the “cloud”.  It is wise to a copy of those backup files somewhere other than the pc. Your data is perfectly safe and protected.

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