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The Financial Times [] – The digital edition is handled by Bharat Book Bureau [3B] for the SAARC region. Our Newspaper and Magazines gives you access to wide range of global news and information. We have the best of the lot to offer you.

The Financial Times, one of the world’s leading business news organisations, is recognised internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy. Providing essential news, comment, data and analysis for the global business community, the FT has a combined paid print and digital circulation of over 700,000. Mobile is an increasingly important channel for the FT, driving almost half of total traffic and 20 per cent of digital subscriptions. FT education products now serve two thirds of the world’s top 50 business schools.

The Financial Times Corporate:

A corporate subscription to the FT offers the most cost-effective way for a team, department or organisation to access the FT content, equipping them with information that helps them make better informed business decisions.

The Financial Times employs over 600 journalists reporting from 53 cities worldwide to deliver trusted news, filtering out noise and adding insight giving senior decision makers a concise report on what matters.

We extract the intelligence that’s relevant to your business and deliver it using the technologies that suit you best. Millions of people now access our journalism via, mobile phones, iPads, media monitoring agencies and news aggregation platforms.

FT Corporate Subscription Features:

Flexible Licensing:

A range of license options for your team, department or enterprise.

Volume Discounts:

A pricing rate card with discounts for multiple users.

Pricing by user:

The price per user is the same irrespective of the number of platforms used to access the FT content

Transparency of use:

Receive reports showing the usage of FT within the organisation to understand n investment.

Administration tools:

View a list of users within your subscription, add and remove users and send password return or eminders.


Corporate support team for technical queries and training.

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The Financial Times Academic:

The Financial Times offers a full range of services and tools for academic customers that help you find relevant, high value intelligence when you need it.

The FT’s digital technology can be used for research before and after class and to enhance classroom discussion. Use FT content to create article based review assignments and term projects focused on a company or industry in a specific market.

Every search examines seven years of FT content, helping you find articles relevant to your curriculum. Archived articles can be used to illustrate case studies and enduring themes.

Education Subscription Features

Email Alerts:

A range of license options for your team, department or enterprise.

FT Clippings:

A pricing rate card with discounts for multiple users.

Search :

The price per user is the same irrespective of the number of platforms used to access the FT content.

Lexicon: Receive reports showing the usage of FT within the organisation to understand return on investment.

More Information :

How the Financial Times can help different roles across your business

For senior management

Stay abreast of global economic and market trends that will impact your business

Formulate the big picture and shape your long and short term business strategy

Identify emerging risks and new business opportunities

For PR/communications

Provide tailored and trusted advice for internal stakeholders, customers and prospects on current press coverage

Keep ahead of coverage on your owncompany, markets and competitors to identify opportunities and mitigate risk quickly

If required, republish some of our key FT content to attract and retain more of your prospects and customers with quality journalism

For client facing/advisory professionals

Anticipate risks and identify lead generation opportunities

Stay well informed and better understand market impact on prospects and clients

Become a trusted adviser and build stronger relationships

For learning & development/HR

Provide continuous learning and sharper business acumen skills

Help employees better understand finance, markets & business impact

Complement technical specialist expertise with a broader commercial skill set

For knowledge managers

Supply relevant information to colleagues quickly and efficiently with our knowledge and administration tool (KAT)

Become a more informed and highly valued information provider within your organisation

Save time accessing information through your workflow & 60+ channels

For financial services professionals

Unlock key, actionable intelligence and integrate FT content into into your internal workflows, from CRM and intranets, to market abuse monitoring systems.

Get alerted immediately to original news likely to impact investments or portfolios

Understand the context of why the global financial markets are moving

Make trading decisions based on emerging investment opportunities and risks

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