From Then To Now – Learn All About The Digital Transformation Of Faxing

Telecommunication & Internet has paved the way for lots of things. The most it has contributed is in allowing to have quick to and fro of information via different medium and channels. Many tech pundits have posted it as the post-digital era but in reality, many companies are still in the middle-way of this digital transformation limbo.

Take fax machines. While some businesses are still holding onto their printers and standalone fax machine others have significantly adopted the technology and are already using cloud faxing and artificial intelligence to provide customized content for customers. Digitization involves few steps of process change in the way things are done — moving from paper-based systems to digital documents and processes in every part of the business. However, effectively these changes could reduce costs, enhance productivity and excel the user experience for employees and customers.

Traditional faxing is loaded with challenges. Not only managing of a large number of these devices is a tedious task but also carries a high expense of phone lines, paper and accessories. Additionally, these devices aren’t secured and hence, the same goes for the content of the document. In such a scenario, one cannot be assured of the staying true to the compliance or adhere to the rules and guidelines. On the contrary, their digital counterpart, i.e, cloud faxing or electronic faxing services allow anyone to send and receive faxes online using mobile devices, desktops or laptops. No more need of standing by the machine or have fear of failed transmission.

When it comes to fax usage, Healthcare, Legal Tax & Audit firms and Government organizations are at the forefront and deals with the most crucial and sensitive information of clients and customers. In such circumstances, for their day in day out tasks, it is advisable to rely on online fax services. Below are few of the immense benefits of opting for internet faxing for your personal or professional use.

1) Stay Organized

Now sync all your digitized files to the cloud and retrieve it anytime-anywhere hence, no more need to manually arrange and declutter your office desk regularly.

2) Highly Secured

TLS encryption delivers your faxes with high security

3) Improved Compliance

Electronic faxes are compliant with HIPAA and GLBA

4) More Visibility

Real-time data & reporting capabilities increase the visibility of fax usage.

5) Productivity Boost

Faxes as an email attachment are delivered straight to your email inbox.

6) Save Money

No Fax machine, fixed phone line, paper or ink toner cost

7) Full of Options

You can select your preferred fax number from a pool of local and international numbers

8) On The Go

Feel the convenience to send and receive faxes from your desktop, tablet, laptop or smartphone

The corporates around the world are following a strict code of conduct and has upped the security measurements for safe transmission of documents via mobile faxing. There are many mobile faxing apps that not only suffice the basic need of faxing but also provides cut-throat analytics, insights and reports regarding the same. Even when it comes to choosing the best online fax services from many available, there are many factors that one can go through to suit best to their needs, such as international fax number, online account access, email compatibility, mobile app, cloud storage facility, features and plans, costing, fax limits, payment options, customer support, etc.

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