How is Marketing Automation Service Used?

Marketing automation is gaining a lot of importance in the world of marketing. And it is not very tough to guess the reason behind it. Studies suggest that the present online world is presently majorly depending on effective marketing strategies globally. The use of marketing automation is growing at a tremendous rate and the trend is here to stay. This is what is increasing the demand of Marketing Automation Services.

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All that You Need to Know About Marketing Automation:

It simple words marketing automation can be defined as the use of software and Web-based services for the purpose of executing managing and automating marketing processes and tasks. It plays a major role in replacing repetitive and manual marketing processes (social media, emails, definite Website actions) with the help of purpose-built applications and software focusing on performance.

Types of Marketing Automation

The three basic categories of marketing automation are:

  1. Business development: This focuses on moving probable customers from the sales funnel top to the bottom. This is the transition from initial awareness to ready to buy stage. This will comprise of things like nurturing and segmenting based on scoring, interests expressed, or qualifying leads (based on intent and fit, and trying to close based on a blend of attitudinal and behavioral measures. This type majorly depends on social media, e-mail, search engine optimization, and content marketing to make it work.
  2. Marketing intelligence: This refers to employing tracking codes for the purpose of monitoring the online behaviors of the customers. Marketers can then easily identify and analyze patterns that they eventually utilize for the purpose of creating behavior-based market segments. Amazon initially stared the trend and made it popular. Most of Amazon customers confess that Amazon’s information of their precedent behaviors plays a major role in improving the experience based on the site.
  3. Workflow automation refers to in-house processes like marketing calendar, budgeting, digital asset management, and the whole lot of things that the largest enterprises require to run considerable, multifaceted marketing organizations.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

The biggest advantage of marketing automation is “saving time”. This is possible due to “increased customer engagement” as well as “timely communications”. These eventually lead to “increased opportunities”. There is no denying the fact that marketing automation leads to a considerable amount of increase in the quality and number of leads. Marketing automation is well known as an important transformative business tool.

Some of the benefits that the businesses can anticipate from marketing automation deployment are listed below:

  • Increase in qualified leads at a much lower price per lead
  • Improvement in the customer withholding as well as relationships
  • Improvement in marketing arrangement with sales
  • Demonstrated potency in marketing ROI

If you are planning to get started with marketing automation, then don’t hold back and keep going. It is definitely worth the effort.

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