How to Get Cash for Gold by Selling Gold Ring, Chains or Jewellery

Gold has been the best thing if someone is going to make jewellery which anyone can get from gold jewellery buyer. The shining glittering gold is quite famous metal for the people who want to gift someone some jewellery, coins or want to propose them with a ring. People do give their special ones the gold rings that are very affectionate to them. People can get cash for gold in Delhi if they sell it. Some custom made gifts gets you a hefty amount of money.

The gold buyer in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon takes the rings if they are broken, customized, and antique or the one with the diamonds. Many of the people sell their ring for the cash as it may be not necessary or they want some money. Gold buyer in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon  tells how you can sell the rings so that person doesn’t get cheated on some pawnshop or not an authentic gold jewellery buyer shops.

gold buyer in dlehi


  • When selling the gold ring, even if the buyer sets fixed pricing to tell them it’s a custom-made ring if it is.
  • Don’t go to a pawn shop or some cheap jewellery
  • Go to some authentic gold buyer for the best prices.


Like every gold jewellery, the gold rings can be sold easily. The good authentic gold buyer in delhi ncr will not only put a good price but will ensure that you don’t get looted. They will handle all the formality while purchasing the ring when someone wants to get cash for gold.


Regardless of whether a client has a special custom ring, the ring will be just worth the piece of gold cost. A great deal of work and ability goes into planning and making gold rings, which, thusly, raises the cost. In this way, regardless of whether it’s paid for much sum for a remarkable ring, it will even now be liquefied down to its scrap gold price. Nearly everybody needs a particular, handcrafted ring. As opposed to reusing ring, a gold jewellery buyer would like to have their own new design made.

For instance, a custom setting like this Round Cut Engagement ring that costs 30000 ₹ will be more costly than a setting that is mass-created. Since it’s a unique jewellery and there is a huge markup, the client may get 3000₹ for the piece gold. In spite of the fact that it’s a huge misfortune, at any rate, the client will almost certainly recoup a portion of the speculation.

On the off chance that ring isn’t handcrafted, similar to this classic solitaire for 6000₹, very little will be on losing as a significant part of the first speculation. The client can maybe procure 2000₹ for the scrap gold, which is a lot higher rate than the custom ring examples above. Since custom work and many-sided structures aren’t included, the first markup and cost are not as high. As another precedent, a 3000₹ solitaire ring setting like this may yield around 1000₹. The misfortune rate isn’t as awful, on the grounds that the plan is basic and all the more generally delivered.

While it’s a monetary loss to move ring for scrap gold, at any rate, it is effectively ready to recover a portion of the expense. Rather than letting sold old ring sit in a cabinet gathering dust, one can get cash for gold for the jewellery.

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