How to have a perfect Nashville weekend getaway

Nashville is a colorful city of Tennessee and lets’s not forget to mention, and it is also the capital of the state. People have been talking nonstop about how great their music scene is, after all, it includes some of the best country music venues like the Grand Ole Opry and the Grand Ole Opry House. Another reason that makes Nashville worthy for booking a flight ticket to Nashville is for their impressive tourist attractions. The city is shrouded with tons of heart melting sites that you would mind simply walking and soaking in the beauty of the city. If you are planning on coming here for a weekend getaway like me, here are few of the must-do before making airline reservations. Once you are settled, take a deep breath and delve into some city sightseeing in places like the Music Square which is located at the downtown, the Nashville Parthenon which is a replica of the Athens Parthenon. You can also go shopping and savoring the delicious appetizing meal.

Never say bye to the comforts of a hotel –

Since Nashville is a busy metro hub, you are bound to find all sort of hotels each displaying a different style of décor. If you are a classy traveler, you can see some of the most elegant hotels like the Hermitage Hotel. Well, this hotel may be only for the wealthy folks, but you can accommodate yourself for at least a night. I stayed in the Midtown district of Nashville at Kimpton Aertson Hotel instead, and it was just magical. The hotel had a calming effect with a breathtaking view of the city.

Search for the calmness hotspots –

Nashville is home to some of the best attractions, and your heart may get stuck to some of the affluent sites. Radnor Lake State Park, for instance, had me hooked to the scenic roads and quiet surroundings. And it certainly has no shortage of walking paths. I rented a bike from the bike rental shop in the city and paddled my way across the trails and alongside the lake. This expanse of woodland is also popular for birding and several other recreational activities.

Walk into the bustling Honky Tonk Central –

If you are a first-time traveler to Honky Tonk Central, you’ll probably find it crazily attracted about this place. This place is the hub for music, and you can find tons of coolest cafes and hangout spots. As the sun sets, the lights emitting from the shops will illuminate the neighborhood creating a brilliant display of colorful lights. You can walk down towards the Broadway, and spend an evening by the waterfront and adore the thriving city nightlife.

Get star struck at the celebrity museum –

Are you a fan of Johnny Cash like me? Well, this city is famous for the Johnny Cash Museum. I was magnetically pulled towards the museum which was built in all red-brick. Inside the museum, it had several pictures and also memorabilia. You can find a variety of musical icons related to Johnny Cash.

So if you have Nashville stuck in your mind, hurry and look for the best domestic flights offers and fly to Nashville in Tennessee.

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