How to Rank a New Website on Google?

Now Google is too smart from back in the days. Many years ago Google ranks a website a very short time.

But Now it is not easy to rank.

You need to know the proper technique to rank a website and you should follow the Google latest algorithm guidelines.

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I am here to share with you how to rank a new website on Google?

Let’s GO….

High-Quality Content:

Now, most of the people know that content is most important to rank a website. Google does not need any design, Google and understands your website content.

So if you want to rank on Google your content must need unique, user-friendly and high quality.

For Example: If you are finding a information on Google. you search like ‘’how to lose weight’’ But how to Google understand your website is the best result if your website does not any content.

Write user-friendly content your website. Still, now content is king, I think in future it will now down from king.

A Blog site:

I know what you are thinking. If you created a website and you rank this website on google for some keywords. But you can’t generate too much traffic from your specific page.

If you created a blog page on your website and write some tips and technique and published it on Google. Then you will get some extra traffic from your blog post.

Some people convert visitor to a customer and some people read your blog regularly. Then Google will give more value your website from other.

Social Signal:

Social Signal is the best way to drive the traffic of your website And Google also values social signal. If you create some social page like facebook page, twitter, Instagram etc then share your content on social media.

People will click your website and read it and share it. Google count this signal that this website content people love to read!

High-Quality Backlinks :

Backlinks are one of the biggest part of rank a website on Google. Your everything is good but if you have no backlinks then Google does not give you value. You can’t rank your targeted keywords on Google without backlinks.

But Create high-quality backlinks does not easy. Your link must need quality. Build some quality backlink but remember it must be high quality.

When you create backlinks then don’t ignore the external link. Always try to keep an external link your targeted keywords.

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