Imnanotech Co., Ltd Magnet Assy of Magnetic Assembly and Materials manufacturing in Korea

Imnanotech Co., Ltd and our R&D lab in 2001 July, we started the first ALN heater Dimple renewable and we have been studying the heaters of the CVD, PVD process until starting in April 2011 We have walked only way and have accumulated know-how and experiences in this field with innovative technologies under the company motto of ‘Human and technology”. Currently, we are refurbishing and providing major products of Mca, ALN Heaters and Magnet Assy (AMAT).

Magnetics plans and creates standard and custom attractive congregations both hypothetically and exactly. Our purposeful planners for the attractive structures, gifted laborers for models, and experienced procedure engineers for generation and workfellows for manufacturing the attractive congregations entirely in agreement to process reports are our most profitable abilities and in this way a dependable quality confirmation.

Custom Magnetic Assembly:

For the most part we manufacture custom attractive congregations per clients’ prints, yet now and then we collaborate with their venture engineers from models to generation. Amid the examination and the improvement of new attractive congregations, both the hypothesis of attractive circuits and empiricist proof would be utilized.

Custom Magnet Materials:

We issue a statement demonstrating cost and conveyance for any request of custom magnets and begin the creation after receipt of client PO and installment. The cost of custom magnets would be more costly than off-rack items and lead time would be 6 – two months. Magnet Assy Suppliers Korea

We regularly make custom magnets for howdy tech clients with Neodymium, SmCo and Ceramic magnets in extensive and little sizes.

Since custom magnets are delivered exclusively for the client who puts the PO and can’t be helpful for any others, any PO for custom magnets can’t be dropped. For the situation the clients never again need the custom magnets in the wake of submitting the request, they are as yet in charge of the installment. Client should make a cautious thought before requesting custom magnets.

In your RFQ, if it’s not too much trouble give us the accompanying data:

  • Magnet material (Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt or Ceramic)
  • Grade, allude to every magnet material’s properties page
  • Dimensions (and +/ – resilience) or building drawing
  • Magnetization introduction
  • Plating or covering
  • Quantity
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