Important Aspects In Engineering Curriculum

Some of the major aspects that play a very important role in assisting a student to figure a successful engineering career are given below:

Industrial Visits:

Apart from the college campus curriculum, the visit to industries helps students to gain relevant skills, understanding recent technologies and how to address industry-specific challenges. Institutions should organize industrial visits regularly for the students according to their engineering disciplines to ensure the holistic development of students. Such type of visits enables students to gain valuable experience and motivate them towards professionalism. Also, it becomes a great recreational activity and gives them a break from regular monotonous day-to-day routine.

Interaction with role models:

Delivering a session of visiting professors from IIT, NIT’s or organizing guest lectures of industry professionals for students on various trending topics helps students to acquire in-depth knowledge of the topic. Also allow them to clear their doubts, understanding the new concepts. It benefits them to gain relevant skills and expertise to become successful in their career.

Promote Innovation:

Some students are blessed with a very keen IQ level who develops software, inventive programs, part of machinery or any other application which proven very useful and innovative for the society. The college should identify such gems to provide them with valuable guidance and also support them financially to implement their ideas. Promoting such talents brings the researcher or entrepreneur among them.

Focus on Live Projects:

In the last semester, every engineer needs to submit the project and its thesis as part of the curriculum. So private engineering college in Nagpur, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and New Delhi, etc. should pay more attention to these segments. Set basic guidelines to how to choose project topic according to emerging trends, how to make use of recent technologies etc. for students. Inclusion interactive live projects executed in during the college days in the resume of fresher’s give an extra advantage in the screening and interview process.

Design in-house training programs:

Soft skill development programs like campus recruitment training programs should conduct in college campus for all students to improve their aptitude, communication, interpersonal skills etc. During the screening process, campus drives these skills helps a candidate to acquire the opportunity and get selected.

Faculty development programs:

Conduction of Faculty development programs consistently is the most important facet of a curriculum which is more often ignored by the institution’s administration. Without knowing the recent traits of how professors can educate their students with emerging trends and technologies. To become an excellent educational provider in the field, an institution should take extra efforts and establish such training for faculties.

Allowing such facilities on the college campus for students makes their life easy and innovative. Not only make them a scholar but also an employable engineer and lead a successful career path for them.


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