Joint Pain? See an Arthroscopy Surgeon to Get Rid of Joint Problems!

Joint problems are too common nowadays. They may occur either due to injuries or due to growing age of an individual. Either way, joint problems are often accompanied by pain and in such a scenario, one must see the best arthroscopy surgeon in Delhi or in some other city. Arthroscopy is the surgical procedure that an orthopaedic surgeon adopts in order to visualize, diagnose and treat the problems of the joints.

How is an arthroscopic examination performed?

First off, a small incision is made in the patient’s skin. Next, a pencil-sized instrument containing a small lens along with a lighting system that magnifies and illuminates the structures inside the joint is inserted into the incision. Light is transmitted through fibre optics to the end of the arthroscope inserted into the joint and has a miniature television camera attached to it. The camera shows the image of the joint on a television monitor. Thus, the surgeon is able to see the interior of the joint (which includes cartilage, ligaments and under the kneecap) and is able to determine the amount or type of injury. Having assessed the amount and type of injury, the surgeon repairs or corrects the problem, as is deemed necessary.

Having successfully performed the surgery, all the small incisions are covered with a dressing and before discharging the patient, detailed instructions regarding care of the incisions, activities to avoid and exercises to be done to aid speedy recovery are provided.

Finding the best arthroscopic surgeon

If you are searching for the best arthroscopy surgeon in Delhi, you must contemplate visiting Dr. Shuvendu Prosad Roy at Dr.Roy Joint Clinic. A veteran arthroscopic surgeon, Dr. Roy has successfully treated numerous patients with joint problems to date. In addition, his clinic is equipped with all modern diagnostic and surgical tools and instruments. All this makes Dr. Roy the best arthroscopy surgeon in Delhi.

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