Learn To Create And Navigate Architectural Design With A Revit Architecture Course

There are several Engineering Cad Courses in Abu Dhabi which assist trainees in developing their techniques with the aid of various unique software. These courses aid the trainees to make optimum use of the software to obtain the best results of their projects by utilizing different tools in them. Revit Architecture Training is one of them which will make you excel at the technique of Architecture engineering and perform ideally in different engineering projects.

This software is useful for:

  • Designers
  • Landscape architects
  • Architects
  • Structural engineers
  • Contractors
  • MEP engineers

Objective of the Revit Architecture Training in Abu Dhabi:

  • Create an overall 3D architectural model of the project
  • Includes components such as doors, windows, ceilings, roofs, stairs, ramps, railing and floors.
  • Tools for architectural design
  • User interface navigation
  • Basic sketching
  • Plotting and sheet setting
  • Detail creation


Duration of the Revit Architecture Course in Abu Dhabi is 40-50hrs. If a trainee wants fast track training of the course, that is available as well.

What is the Revit Architecture Course?

  • Course that is efficiently designed to acquire knowledge in BIM-Building Information Modeling Software.
  • Building Information Modeling software basically deals with each and every aspect of designing and building projects.
  • Aquaints with newest features
  • Master the skills of creating plans for buildings and make accurate and beautiful visualization of the plan.
  • The course is ideal for all kinds of users; from beginners to medium and advanced.
  • After finishing the course, the student is also eligible for a refresh class in Autodesk Revit Structure BIM within a a year.
  • Course is designed such that the trainee is up to date with designing in construction.


Trainers at Revit Architecture Course

  • Trainers are efficient and deal with training that is ideal in live industry and will help to gain experience that is current in the market.
  • Trainers are industry experienced and also certified in Autodesk.
  • Trainers have knowledge that is in-depth and skill based.
  • Trainers provide a practical approach to the trainees and thereby give them an insight to what their workspace would be in the future and how to handle it.

Outline of the Revit Architecture Course in Abu Dhabi includes Intro to Autodesk Revit Architecture, Fundamental Drawing and Editing skills, Setting up of Levels and Grids, Drawing of Walls and Modifying of Walls, Doors and windows, Walls for the placement of curtains, Creation of Views, Floor planning and creation, Components, Planning of Reflected ceiling, Roofs, Vertically lined circulation, Documentation of the construction, Annotation of the whole architecture, Tags as well as Schedules and Autodesk Revit Architecture Detailing.

Overall, the Revit Architecture Course has no fluff and the information or the training material is accurate and student-friendly. The training ensures a successful architectural trainee upon completion who is able to handle creation, designing and navigation of building modules.

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