Meeting the Character Requirements of an Australian Visa

One of the things many visa hopefuls get wrong is ensuring their character requirements are met when applying for an Australian visa. Not only does this lead to the visa application being refused, but it also delivers a secondary blow – all future visa applications will have this on record.

Taking a look at what the general character requirements are will show you that these are a set of personality traits which are examined by the Department of Home Affairs to determine whether or not you have a good character, and if you are worthy of being granted an Australian visa. The most important of these requirements include not having any substantial criminal record.

Having a criminal record guarantees a refusal of the visa application. You will not be granted an Australian visa if the authorities deem you as susceptible to:

  • Engaging in criminal conduct
  • Harassing, molesting, stalking, or intimidating others
  • Stirring up hostility within the Australian community
  • Defaming the Australian community
  • Posing threats to the Australian community

In other words, your visa application will be rejected if you fail to convince the authorities that you will preserve the best interests of the Australian community, and your own responsibilities as a resident of Australia.

Apply with the Help of eduaid

Even if you meet all the character requirements, filling out the application form improperly will still lead to your application being rejected. Not including crucial details, such as police clearance certificates, are highly common errors caused by applicants, and serve to remind you why you should always seek the help of reliable migration agents. When push comes to shove, none compare to eduaid.

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