Moving Home In Singapore – Prices and Cost guide

With more than 1.1 million homeowners, according to HDB statistics, there are more than an estimated 100,000 home moving occurring in Singapore every year. SGHomeNeeds provides a list of house movers in Singapore for you to choose from.

Price to hire a house mover in Singapore

According to the moving professionals on SGHomeNeeds, some charge by the hour whilst others charge by per job basis.

According to our research, hiring movers in Singapore typically ranges between $250 to $1500, with cheap movers able to provide the lowest prices between $250 — $500, and other mid-tier companies between $500-$1,500.

As for per hour charges, the average rate is from $100 to $150 per hour.

Many different factors can determine how much it costs to move, so continue reading to learn more.

Plus, timing is everything — moving during the busy season almost always costs more.

Factors That Affect Home Moving Cost

The amount of money you can expect to spend on moving depends on a variety of factors — most notably, your current location and the distance of your move. In summary, the factors are:

  • Manpower and help needed
  • Moving van & truck rental costs
  • Ease of access to a location
  • Bulky & fragile items
  • Wrapping and packing
  • Dismantling of bulky items
  • Temporary storage
  • Hoisting

Tips on Hiring Movers

When it comes to hiring a reliable mover, due diligence and planning goes a long way.

Though you can easily Google movers in Singapore, it’s easier if you seek reputable mover online reviews rated by hundreds if not thousands of past customers.

  • Checking background of movers: It’s best to look through a directory of pre-screened companies is a good place to start when identify local, reputable business to consider for hiring.
  • Getting estimates from multiple movers. We’d suggest getting at least a few movers quotations before confirming one to get the most value for the best price.
  • Confirming the details with movers. Details such as who assemble or disassemble furniture can sometimes be neglected. Some moving companies may charge you extra for things like additional boxes. Get as many details as you can about factors such as the rate structure and payment terms, extra fees and hidden costs, the history of the company, and whether it works with subcontractors.

Hiring House Movers In Singapore

SGHomeNeeds provides the best house movers in Singapore. Hire a home moving company on SGHomeNeeds today.

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