Moving Scam Alert: How To Be Wary Of Fraudulent Movers

Are you moving locally within New York City? And if you are moving for the very first time, you need to be extra cautious while choosing the moving company as there are many rogue movers around.

Moving in itself is cumbersome and a stressful experience. The upheaval can increase if the movers you hired are fraudulent movers. When you hire the movers, you put your trust onto them for the safe delivery of your belongings to your new place safely. The choice of your moving company can make your move either an adventure to cherish or a nightmare to remember.

Here are some important tips to identify the moving scams:

If you found any of the things from those mentioned below, it would be a clear signage of a moving scam.

1. Huge downpayment amount

The genuine moving companies will ask a maximum of only 20% of the final amount as the downpayment charges. They would not ask for the large amounts before they start with the moving process. The final amount has to be paid upon finishing the move.

If your movers ask for the huge amount as downpayment that is a warning sign. These type of devious fake movers wouldn’t even show up on the day of your move. Pay attention to what amount they are asking from you.

2. Suspicious bids

The moving quotes can be the key factor to determine whether the movers are legitimate or not. If the movers are not giving the quote is written, there’s something fishy. Make sure to get the guaranteed flat rate moving quote from the local Brooklyn movers NY in writing.

Also, if the movers aren’t providing you the free quote, chances are they are not the genuine ones. No reputed company would charge their customers for a quote.

3. Cash-only payments

If the moving company asks for the cash-only payments it is a red flag for the same. If the company is not accepting payment in any other form but cash, chances are it may be a fraud.
Paying with the credit card will help you dispute charges and give you a proper trial in case of any fraud. Check if your moving company is capable of accepting credit payments.

4. Plenty of negative reviews

Going through the reviews before you hire the movers helps you to choose the better ones. If you see lots of negative reviews about the movers, see it as a red flag. It is a clear indication of the bad service and the reputation of your movers.

Also, check carefully for too many positive reviews as they can just be vague or false reviews.

Always check the reviews of the movers from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA). Read the reviews to distinguish the “rogue movers” from the legitimate ones.

Check the mover’s BBB profile:

The moving company, if it is reputable, will have a profile on the Better Business Bureau’s website. This profile shows a history list of the complaints about the moving company and their disputes, if any, they had with their customers. The profile on the Better Business Bureau provides a good platform to judge the business conduct of the movers.

5. No office address

Every moving company has a website nowadays. Their online presence allows the customers to get every information about what they want. If the moving company has not mentioned their complete physical address it can be a fraudulent case. Ask them to provide the proper address.

6. No company logo

If the movers are not having their own logo, and are using unmarked trucks or moving vans, it is a cause of concern. If your moving company can’t afford a logo and a phone number on the side of a moving vehicle, chances are the movers are not genuine.

7. No in-house estimate

Most moving companies come to your place for the in-home estimate. The moving prices are based on the distance, weight, and volume of the items. A good estimator provides you the quote based on the distance of your move, weight, and the volume of the items. Any moving that refuses to provide you an in-house estimation may be a fraudulent company.

Before moving, do the required research to make sure that your movers are genuine and have everything to carry out the move smoothly.

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