North America is expected to dominate the Aerial Imaging Market during the forecast period of 2023

According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled “Aerial Imaging Market: By Platform (Helicopters, Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Vehicle-Mounted Poles, Stand-Alone Telescoping, Others); By Application (Government, Military & Defense, Energy, Others) & By Region – Forecast (2018–2023),” the Aerial Imaging Market is driven by the increasing applications of aerial imaging in the agriculture, government, civil engineering, research, and other sectors.

North America to Dominate the Aerial Imaging Market

North America is expected to dominate the Aerial Imaging Market during the forecast period due to the large-scale applications of aerial imagery in the energy, agriculture, and defence sectors in this region. Europe and Asia-Pacific follow suit. Asia Pacific is expected to have the fastest growth in the coming years due to growing applications of drone filming in government and agricultural sectors in countries such as China and India. The Middle East and African markets are expected to be driven by the increasing applications of aerial imagery in the tourism industry. The South American market will be driven by the growing applications of aerial imagery in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Selected Regulatory Analysis Done in the Full Report

The defence sector will dominate the Aerial Imaging Market in the coming years.

This segment uses aerial imaging to safeguard border areas and prepare map structures. Other areas such as research and exploration, mining, oil and gas, archaeological surveys, and resource management also use aerial imaging.

Selected Driving Factors Mentioned in the Full Report

  • The growing adoption of unmanned aerial vehicles in defence and other industries will boost the demand for aerial imaging services.
  • The increasing popularity of location-based services and technological developments in the field of advanced aerial camera systems and drone technology will spur the growth of aerial video photography.
  • The application of aerial imagery in applications such as homeland security and management of environmental changes will drive the demand for aerial imaging.
  • The growing incidences of natural disasters will enhance the growth of aerial imaging.

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Key Players of the Aerial Imaging Market

The key players of the Aerial Imaging Market include Digital Aerial Solutions, Cooper Aerial Surveys Co, Fugro N.V., and Landiscor Aerial Information. Digital Aerial Solutions provides various geospatial data services. Cooper Aerial Surveys is engaged in providing professional land, water, and aerial surveying services. Furgo NV operates in three segments, namely marine, land, and geoscience. Landiscor Aerial Information provides aerial mapping services for the real estate sector.

The Aerial Imaging Market is segmented as below:

Advanced technologies such as Geographical Information System (GIS) will generate opportunities for the Aerial Imaging Market.

  • Aerial Imaging Market By Platform
    •  Helicopter
    • Fixed-Wing Aircraft
    • Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)
    • Dirigibles & Blimps
    • Balloons, Rockets
    • Parachutes
    • Kites
    • Vehicle-Mounted Poles
    • Stand-Alone Telescoping
  • Aerial Imaging Market By Application
    • Government
    • Military & Defense
    • Energy
    • Agriculture and Forestry
    • Civil Engineering
    • Commercial
    • Insurance
  • Aerial Imaging Market By Geography(17+ countries)
  • Aerial Imaging Market Entropy
  • Company Profiles
    • NRC Group ASA (Previously BLOM ASA)
    • Cicade s.a
    • Digital Aerial Solutions, LLC
    • Cooper Aerial Surveys Co.
    • Fugro N.V.
    • Landiscor Aerial Information
    • EagleView Technologies, Inc.
    • Nearmap ltd.
    • Kucera International
    • Digital Aerial Solutions
  • Appendix: Abbreviations, Sources, Research Methodology, Bibliography, Compilation of Experts, Disclaimer.

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