There is nothing better in this world than serving humanity religiously. It might seem that the world is busy and moving so fast that we don’t have time to connect with our loved ones anymore, but there are people out there who are still focused on serving the humanity. Now it has been transitioned in the nursing profession.

The nursing profession was advanced after the efforts of Florence Nightingale (1880) who was determined to serve humanity and broaden the aspect of the nursing profession. The nursing profession was previously based on taking care of the patients, washing the clothes, preparing and feeding the meals to the patients and doing household chores of the patients. But afterwards the trend in nursing profession advanced, and they started to research, client advocacy, teaching, counselling and taking care of the patients.


Hence the nursing professional now deals with several things at a time. A nurse has several roles and values to follow, and a nurse has to meet the needs of their clients and families, guide them about the health conditions, assist them with family growth and restore the wellbeing of the family and clients.

The nurses have to deal with several role and values at a time some of them includes:

  1. It is the core responsibility of the nurses to provide care to their clients. Also helps in rehabilitating from the emotional, spiritual, social or physical pain or distresses. They have to take responsibility for their clients to support them and care to recover from their illness.
  2. It is a pre-defined nursing role to maintain a peaceful and save the environment for the betterment of the health condition of the client. They have to take every possible measure to prevent their clients from any potential injury. Also to save them from any possible wrong medication, treatment or diagnostics of their clients. Also, it helps the nurses to protect the human rights of their clients.
  3. The nurses not only have to protect their clients but also guide them for the right measures to protect or preserve their health. The nurses connect and coordinate with several health facilitators for scheduling the treatment appointment and test scheduling etc. of the client.
  4. The client is not the only one suffering from any condition, and it involves the whole family hence it is the utmost responsibility of a nurse to guide the family members about the health condition of the client to the family and regarding emergency how to handle the situation independently.
  5. As taking career roles of a nurse under consideration, it the priority of a nurse to teach the theories, clinical practices and technical skills of the nursing professions to the students who are currently in practice.
  6. Researching in the nursing profession is the most humanly possible quality a person can choose. It helps to investigate the human condition and bring out results concerning better treatments, precautions and low-cost treatment to make beneficial steps towards the betterment in the nursing profession. Hence the importance of nursing dissertation cannot be denied in the nursing profession.

The nursing profession has not progressed overnight. It took years of hard work, passion and determination of students to widespread this profession. They made it worthy with dissertation practices. Nursing students keep investing their precious time, skills and abilities through physical practices or researches by bringing new additions to the literature. The students may opt for nursing dissertation help to get their dissertation continued smoothly and forgetting their dissertation work complete to widespread this profession further.

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