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QuickBooks is a comprehensive accounting software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. In this accounting software, email accounts can be added to make the business communication more efficient. A certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor can help business owners to integrate their email accounts with reduced technical hurdles.

Regardless of the size, every business has their own email account. The communication from the email involves the sharing of the crucial data, important financial information and the details of the employees that a business can’t afford to lose. But, with a rapid growth in the cyber-crime, hacking accounts has become an easy cakewalk. It is very important to secure important financial information from vulnerability. This article from QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support can help to secure emails from the people with the nefarious intentions with some handy tips.

1- Secure Email Clients

The email client is the piece of software deployed in composing, drafting, sending and receiving the messages such as Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, or other Webmails, be it Yahoo, Gmail etc. This is the first and foremost step to secure your email client to secure your business email communication.

2- Encrypt Email Messages

By using encrypting utilities, the sent messages can be encrypted and the received messages can be decrypted. To accomplish this, it is mandatory for both sender and receiver to use this email software or the service that supports encrypted e-mails.

3- Use Simple Text Emails

Emails are usually read in the HTML formatted text but for the security reasons, it is better to read emails in the plain text. This practice can crush the bugs and not let you click on any undesired links posing as text.

4- Prefer Internal Communication

Instant messaging (IM) with the internal communication is much more secure than email communication. Instant messaging makes every message highly encrypted, “Off The Record” mode is the key to this security. Encrypting every single message for a hacker to understand the whole conversation can take him to his wit’s end. For a single hacker, it is a hard nut to crack. In the case of any ambiguity related to the Instant Messaging, a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor can be contacted instantly.

5- Avoid Using Secure Accounts For Posting And Subscriptions

Being a business owner, you need to be updated with the latest news of the industry hence, you use your email to subscribe the relevant newsletters and postings. It is recommended to use the free web-mails to be on the ball with what’s happening in the industry.

6- Change Password On A Regular Time Interval

It is wise to change the password on a regular interval of time. Choose the password that is easy to remember and hard to crack. Never ever share your important credentials to anyone as it may fire-back. In case of the forgotten password, a QuickBooks ProAdvisor support number can be contacted for a prompt recovery.



Accounting is mandatory for small and medium-sized businesses to build the organization seamlessly and to make it easy and better, you can contact certified experts through email or call @ QuickBooks proAdvisor support to ensure your business insights regularly.

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