The Global BPA-free Epoxy Resins Market to Grow Significantly Owing to Innovations in Plastic Food Packaging Application

According to a new report published by Transparency Market Research, the global BPA-free epoxy resins market is projected to grow significantly owing to the rising innovations in plastic food packaging application. The TMR report considers this as a landmark for the global BPA-free epoxy resins market and also it will play a major role in driving the market during the forecast period.


BPA-free epoxy resins can be used in different forms: liquid and solid. BPA-free Epoxy Resins can be dissolved in solvents (water and organic). Paints & coatings is the major application segment of the market with more than 45% share of their total consumption. Other prominent applications of BPA-free epoxy resins are adhesives, electrical & electronics, and manufacturing. Most epoxy resins are classified as commodities, while others are classified as specialties that are used in high-performance applications such as composites for aerospace and industrial adhesives for automotive.


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BPA-free Epoxy Resins can leach from products when they come in contact with hot or acidic materials and strong detergents. This is especially harmful to the human body as BPA in human body mimics the function of the female sex hormone estrogen. Several studies have shown the adverse effects of BPA, especially on infants and children. Various legislations are being placed on the usage of BPA-based epoxy resins in applications where human contact is exceptionally high. As a result, manufacturers are developing epoxy resins based on the substitutes available for BPA.


The report also states that the corrosion resistance is an essential quality required in food packaging, particularly for containers with acidic foods. These coatings exhibit exceptional adhesion to metals, enable long shelf lives of food products, do not cause changes in flavor, and are compatible with various food substances. Epoxy resins are used to manufacture various master models, molds, castings, laminates, fixtures, and other industrial products. BPA-free Epoxy Resins are also used to produce plastic food containers such as lunch boxes, hard plastic baby bottles, and sippy cups.


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