The tales of Copenhagen

Like any other capital city, Copenhagen is also rich in historical tales. Being the capital of Demark, this city was the center of the Danish Empire. Due to this, the city is blessed with a lot of palaces, cultural relics, and monuments speaking of its history. But in modern times, you won’t find this place too boring or filled with a plethora of historical items. Moreover, you can enjoy the perfect combination of the canals, classic architecture and the high tech system framed buildings. It is serene, green and beautiful out here. Once you enter the city, there is only one thing that your soul will say, “Life is great here.”

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This is one of the oldest enclaves in town. Christiana is been here since the 1970s. A lot of crowds comes here to smoke weed that is sold openly in the area. Even if you don’t smoke, there is obviously a way to cool your head in this place. You can enjoy the beer in the beer garden or just take a walk in the vicinity.

Bike Tour

There is nothing better than taking a bike tour of the city. You would definitely not want to make unneeded noise in the area by using other conveyance, and it is preferable to ride a cycle and explore the area. The locals here also use a bike rather than other means of transport. You can hire it @ 25 DKK per hour or 120 DKK for a complete day.


You might have visited a lot of amusement parks in different countries but trust me this one is completely different. Tivoli is situated in the heart of the city. Even if you are not a big fan of amusement parks, this place still is a must visit for you. The ticket price to get in this park is 110 DKK during the weekdays and 120 DKK during the weekends. I did have a blast here, so would you.


If you want to experience the different cultures followed by the people of the country, then this is got to be your spot. Norrebro is one of the best and the hottest quarters of the city. You can visit the trendy bars and pubs that are right around the corners of the street. One can also spot a few cheap kebab shops and bars. One can get an electrifying ambiance here so do spend some time while visiting the city.

Boat tour

Walking the Copenhagen Streets is one thing and taking a boat tour is something thrilling as well as completely different. Just like the city roads, the ports and the harbors here are very clean and beautiful. While you take a ferry, you can see the bottom of the canal, and at times during a sunny day, you might find the locals drinking beer on the shores.

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