Tips To Overcome Sleeping Sickness During Pregnancy

Before the arrival of the baby, an expecting mother needs more rest and peace of mind so that she delivers a healthy baby while maintaining her own health. As after pregnancy, it gets very difficult for the new parents to get an uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. During the post-pregnancy phase, sleeping sicknesses is one of the most common disorders faced by most of the new mothers. The reason behind this is that the body of the mother is going through tremendous psychological and hormonal changes.

Some of the sleep challenges faced by the mother are:

Body Aches – Week by week as the weight goes on increasing which, the creation of the pain in back and legs start to occur too. Swelling of legs and back pain are the most common in pregnant women. The body ache becomes a continuous disturbance in incessant sleeping.

Nausea & Drowsiness – Early morning nausea and bedtime drowsiness on those days keep most of the pregnant women awaken.

Heartburn – During the pregnancy period the digestive system slows down which leads to heartburn and constipation.

Stress and anxiety about delivery – Nightmares, unwanted stress, and excessive worries about delivery can be the lead to deprived sleep and rest.

There are so many factors that can be incorporated by the pregnant women in order to overcome the sleeping issues. Healthy lifestyle choices among pregnant women can help them to practice good sleep and have an ample rest prior to the baby’s arrival.

Solutions for the above problems:

Sleeping position – This is the most crucial factor for the expecting mothers. Week by week it becomes difficult for expecting mother to sleep properly. Practicing sleeping on sides from early days of pregnancy helps to relax. Doctors at most of the mother and childcare hospitals suggest sleeping on the left side as it improves the blood circulation. It is recommended that during this phase the mothers should consult with the concerning physician or gynecologist regarding what kind of postures should be instigated.

Restrict the Intake of caffeinated drinks – Caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, soda, cola, and even carbonated drinks should be avoided during this phase. Caffeine can cause an increase in the blood pressure and heart rate which is not good during pregnancy. It has also been observed that caffeine can also cause dehydration. Thus it is recommended that one should not intake caffeinated drinks during this phase.

Light meals– It is acclaimed that the expecting mother should have light food which is very less oily and doesn’t contain excess spices to avoid the problems related to acidity. It is also suggested that lots of fluid intakes should be done during pregnancy as it helps in the proper digestion of food.

Maintain Schedule– It is very significant that the expecting mothers should plan a sleep schedule for having an ample rest during this phase. It is okay to have power nap during the day as well and it is also recommended that during the pregnancy the mother should try to go to bed early. To have a nice sleep one should try to make the atmosphere of the room soothing and calm. It is also suggested that with the doctor’s recommendation one should start doing suggested exercises and have a brisk walk before the dinner so that their body gets into motion which will assist in the digestion. This eventually helps in avoiding constipation and indigestion problems.

Body relaxation – A leg massage, relaxing exercise, evening walk, warm bath, and music are some of the factors that help the body and mind to get relaxed. As the mother gets relaxed, her body will allow her to sleep early.

Avoid stress– Things and factors that instill stressful environment or leads to make the expecting mother get stressed out should be kept at bay. It is very essential that during this phase the mother should stay and remain as cheerful as she can and avoid situations that can make her worried and concerned. As she stays tension-free she won’t be worried and have a healthy undisturbed sleep.

Morning sickness– Recurring morning sickness is also one of the reasons that can cause the expecting mother to have sleeping issues or make her feel drowsy. Morning sickness strikes at any time of the day, it is not compulsory that it occurs in the morning time only. Even any peculiar smell or scent can trigger nauseated feelings. To overcome them it is generally recommended that the mother should try to eat frequently during the day. Also if certain smells are activating the feeling of sickness, those areas and foods should be avoided. If the pregnant woman is feeling hungry in the morning, it is recommended to eat something. If the problem is persistent then it is recommended that concerning doctors should supplements and medicines that would assist in avoiding such issues.

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