Top 6 Firefox Add-ons for faster Web Browsing

Firefox is an open-source web browser which is available on many platforms. It includes tab-browsing, pop-up blocking, privacy controls, and many more. An Add-on is a software extension which adds extra features to a program. It can add new items in a program’s interface or extend certain functionality within a program. Most add-ons come in self-installing packages, which means the user can double-click the Add-on package to install the files for the corresponding program.

Here are some top Add-ons for increasing your Firefox speed:


  1. Auto unloads tab: If you like to open dozens of the app together like me, then you would be aware that it slows down the speed of your browser because they also use CPU and RAM in the background. Auto unload tab add-on has the ability to unload tabs, which frees them from memory and makes then stop using CPU. Auto unload tab also helps to reduce laptop battery usage. Some of the notable features of auto unload tab are:
  • It protects certain tabs from being unloaded.
  • It unloads tabs with a single click.
  • It decides whether pinned tabs are unloaded as well.
  • It automatically unloads tabs after few minutes of inactivity.


  1. Image block: Today, file sizes of images are getting bigger and bigger which takes more time to process and download. It delays the whole page loading procedure. Image Block disables the loading of images while browsing a page. Image block doesn’t just hide the image but actually blocks it. Later, if you need an image, you can toggle just by clicking the Image Block icon in the toolbar. The image block is very simple to use. The only drawback is you can’t customize it with blacklists or whitelists.


  1. Flash block: If your Firefox is working very slowly, it has the possibility that your Flash is slowing you down. The Flash block add-on auto-detects the Flash objects and disabled them from loading. It also replaces objects with placeholders to shows that something is blocking and allows you to manually enable them.


  1. BetterFox: BetterFox promises you to give 15% more fast browsing experience. Some features of BetterFox are:
  • It provides Back to Top button if you want to scroll back.
  • Favicons in the search results to identify sites faster and avoid potential imposter.
  • Auto Scroll automatically loads the next page on scroll down the page, so you don’t have to scroll back and re-search.
  • Floating Search Panel follows you when you scroll down, so there is no need to click it manually.


  1. Speed Tweaks: Speed Tweaks is being used to speed-up Firefox from many years. It was also known as Speedyfox. The concept of the tweak is very simple. Firefox lets you tweak the settings through the about:config page but Speed Tweaks make it simpler.


  1. Firefox Multi Account Container: Firefox Multi Account Container is a great add-on to sand-boxing all your personas into containers. If you want to keep work e-mails and tabs separate from home e-mail account then Firefox Multi Account Container is helpful for you. Press “Ctrl” plus [Period] for creating a new container.


These are some top Mozilla Firefox add-ons which let you increase the speed of your browser. Using these add-ons you can increase the work done and minimize your time. If you want to get more details about Firefox add-on then you can call Mozilla Firefox Phone Number.





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