Vivi Puppy’s Organic Animal Sanctuary manufacturer in korea.


Vivipuppy attain friendliness and comfort, we use environmental friendly and functional materials to seek out new and unchanging hearts. This is also a brand with a noticeable design that considers not only practical use and neatness but also the health of the companion animal.

Designer edition:

Size: 470mm*475mm*575mm


Material: EPP (expanded polypropylene)

Weight: 2.60kg(5.73lb)

Color: dark gray

Unlike Styrofoam, EPP is widely used for sanitary containers and children’s toys. It is firstly developed for a pet animal and it is known as an eco-friendly material made by foaming polypropylene (PP) material.

Harmony of Heaviness and Lightness

While feeling the weight of the pattern and dark gray color, you can show off the actual weight for its lightness, easy movement and maintenance.

Stylish Stripes

You can enjoy magnificence and cleanliness at the same time.

Exceptional Stability

Optimized ratio of body to mat maximizes safety and stability.

No Sudden Worry of Contamination

If contamination occurs during use, the smell of bacteria can easily be removed by washing and drying.

Wood edition:

Change the direction of the frame.

Change the position of the frame.

Combine wood and fabric.

Change the fabric pattern.

Convenient Usability:

A great deal of sophistication and convenience are put into the design.

You can feel it while using the product.

Graduated ruler to check the amount of food

Tableware adjustable to companion animal’s eye level

Design easy to put in and take out Fantastic angle and eye level

Joy of Eating:

The four types of characters are great and stylish, lovely and nobly produced.

Friendly Sha-sha

Sensible Coco

Lovely Lulu

Cool Hund

Healthy Fragrance:

Vivi Puppy’s wood products use birch plywood and the highest E zero (E0) grade of furniture materials.

The soft off-white, the sophistication of fine wood, wood grain, and the soft touch, are all part of nature’s mystery.

Are you looking for Pet House Supplier Korea ? Creative Block Structure, The house is completed by interconnecting seven bodies and one cover. Reduces and Expands, It can be reduced or expanded depending on the growth and size of the companion animal.

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