What makes Madrid the city of many Squares?

Amongst the many popular cities in Spain, Barcelona completely spellbinds us for their riveting tourist sites and happening nightlife. But if you shift your focus to the capital city of Madrid, there won’t be a moment where you’ll be disappointed. Madrid has always been a great city that is suitable for all kinds of travelers. It consists of tons of fabulous hotels, hostels, restaurants, and a series of shopping complexes. The city is surrounded by impressive architectural marvels, notable museums, baroque palaces, and elegant avenues. However, amongst the many, the squares in Madrid seems to attract everyone who comes here magnetically. So, if you are thinking of making a flight reservation and flying to Madrid, these are some of the prettiest plazas you have to visit.

Plaza Mayor

One of the fanciest of all the plazas. Plaza Mayor is one of the most famous squares in Madrid which dates back to the 16th century. This plaza is enclosed by buildings colored in a lovely red, and it has a nine entrance archways. You can come here on a warm evening and stroll amid the area, soak in the lively ambiance while having an al fresco food at the cafes and take a picture with a bronze statue of King Philip III on a horse. The best time you can visit Plaza Mayor is during the Christmas season. The entire square lights up with lights and amazing décor.

Puerta Del Sol

If you are booking cheap airline tickets to Madrid, you have to visit Puerta Del Sol. It is a pedestrian-only square which is a popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike. Puerta Del Sol is also known as the “Gate of the Sun,” and it also features a statue of a bear trying to climb a madrone tree. You can also find Kilometer Zero which is the center of Spain, and many tourists like to take images of the plaque along with their feet. Puerta del Sol is also famous for Tío Pepe sign which is located atop one of the buildings. During New Year, the Tío Pepe sign becomes the official timepiece.

Plaza de Olavide

If you are looking for something less noisy and less touristy, you can visit the Plaza de Olavide. This is the perfect place to savor drinks and snacks while soaking in the Madrid vibe. This lovely square has several terraces and bars that surround the circular plaza. Since it is surrounded by pretty trees and benches everywhere, it becomes a refuge for people during the warm summer afternoons. Plaza de Olavide also provides a play area for kids, so parents can meet their friends and watch over kids play around the square.

Plaza de Cibeles

From the rest of the open squares, Plaza de Cibeles is slightly different. This plaza makes you walk along the traffic, it makes you feel like you are definitely in a city and not elsewhere. But what makes Plaza de Cibeles a great place to come even though you are amid the cacophony. Well, it has some of the iconic attractions which can only be experienced by walking. Puerta de Alcalá is a beautiful Triumphal arch which is adorned with stone carvings and lovely elegant sculptures. Other places that surround the Plaza de Cibeles are the Cibeles Palace, Cibeles fountain, and Paseo del Prado are some of the worth seeing sites.

So, look for the cheapest flight offers and fly to this fabulous European city of Madrid and spend a lovely vacation by exploring the stunning squares of Madrid.

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