What Makes Paradeep Hotels Special Than Others?

Paradeep is known as one of the major ports in Indian peninsula and is situated in the Jagatsinghpur district of Odisha. The soft golden beaches and aqua blue waters of the seas are what drives tourists to this quiet town in Odisha. Well, that being said, the more tourists, the more hotels. But amongst all the Paradeep hotels, there is only a handful that truly makes your travel experience complete bliss as you visit Paradeep.

For those who have visited Paradeep vouch that it feels surreal to be in Paradeep. The sunrise and the sunset view was so peaceful and relaxing that you’d never want to miss it. There’s a lot of places situated to visit like:

  • Paradeep Port
  • Paradeep Beach
  • The Confluence of River and the Seas
  • Lighthouse
  • Gahirmatha Beach
  • Jagannath Temple
  • Marine Aquarium

Firstly, the prime reason behind its popularity is its location and food. The hotels in Paradeep are known for their exotic dishes which are liked by the locals and tourists alike. Paradeep hospitality industry also renders excellent accommodation and a bunch of other options include a chain of hotels, resorts, bed and conference centers. Likewise, for a vacationer who has come to explore the attractions and beauty of Paradeep, the best option would be to select a hotel near these wonderful beaches.

Another reason why the Paradeep hotels are never in dearth of tourists is that of the reason that it is an extremely well-connected city. The hotels offer all the comfort you would expect from this beautiful town. Providing all-day dining, it also offers the guests to enjoy complimentary access to the gym and bar facilities. Hotel Golden Anchor is one of the few hotels in Paradeep provide minibars, 24/7 room service facilities, satellite TV, wireless internet access, complimentary toiletries and also offer spectacular views from the balconies.

Nowadays, all reservations take place via various websites and platforms easily. There are some other specific websites, which specialize in providing reservation of hotels in Paradeep and also provide relevant user reviews about the hotels and tools to compare the prices and facilities of the hotels. But when it comes to Hotel Golden Anchor, the best prices are available on its website with added discounts and extra facilities.

But few people realize that Paradeep isn’t all about tourism, but also constitutes huge traffic from the corporate world. Known as one of the most important industrial towns in the state, Paradeep is also home to several industries like Paradeep Phosphates Limited, IFFCO, Essar, etc. Therefore, Paradeep hotels also need to empower the corporate culture in their infrastructure as well. From lavish conference halls to a warm and elegant vibe, Hotel Golden Anchor has earned an epitome amongst the Business class of the state.

So, the next time you’re in Paradeep, feel free to splurge on the beauty of different tourist attractions as well as relax in some of the most luxurious hotels of the state. And if you yearn for more, you can always pay a visit to Hotel Golden Anchor, Paradeep that is situated right on the beach with extensive amenities like minibars, 24/7 room service facilities, satellite TV, wireless internet access, complimentary toiletries and also for the majestic sunsets from your balcony.

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