What to expect in New York City for first-timers

Come to the big apple, New York City and expect the unexpected. The city is full of surprises, and the only way you can survive is by living like a local. 

Visiting a concrete jungle like New York City can be overwhelming for first-time visitors. Even though the city is jam-packed, we all dream of visiting this city at least once in a lifetime. It brims with joy every time you look out of your window where the streets turn in to a playground, the parks turn in to an open gym, and the streets turn in to a fashion runway. Since the city is a hub, you can find new faces every day. While some remain too friendly, there are a few who tend to keep it to themselves. But, well, that’s the old new New York we all know about right? So, you can go through this article as we have prepared a guided list that may help the first time travelers to navigate the city. So, what’s the hold-up? Book flight tickets and flying to NYC now!

Ditch the cabs and walk the streets of NYC

It’s not always like what we see in the movies when you whistle and a taxi halts near you. Well, we all dream to find empty taxis every time we need one but here’s the ugly truth, we don’t. The taxi service in NYC is thriving, no doubt, but with so many people, it can be hard to find one empty cab just for you. So, what most of the New Yorkers like to do is walk. This is one of the best ways to get around the city. You should know one thing about the city dwellers, and that is they have very little patience for traffic and would walk for miles even if they have too. So, bring comfortable walking shoes, even better running shoes, and explore the city like a pro.

Exploit yourself by visiting lots of free attractions

Here’s good news, New York has tons of free attractions you can visit. You’ll probably gamble your feelings on which sight to see first. One of the favorite spots in NYC is the massive Central Park. It indeed is a treasured gem, an oasis in the midst of the concrete buildings. This enormous wilderness has many spots to rejuvenate and unwind looking at the high rising towers. The park has winding trails and beautiful green surface to put down a blanket and savor the moment.

Witness live performances in the subway

If walking takes a toll on you and you wish for a smooth ride, the subways are the best option other than cabs. They are cheaper and faster than any road transport and are an easy way to navigate around the city. But here’s the drawback with trains, they are noisy and super crowded. Like any other metropolis cities, NYC also tends to jam-pack their metros, but if you take this on a positive note, you get to witness free live performances on the go. The subway stations and even the coaches thrive with local musicians and entertainers, and you will get the first-hand experience of traveling the true New Yorker way.

Treat your tummy by savoring lots of street food

The city is no stranger to the food world. It consists of a medley of street food venues across the city. Every turn you take you will find a popular joint ready to serve you with lip-smacking goodness of food. We assure you, you may not get taxis easily, not find a seat while traveling in the metro but when it comes to food, you won’t sleep hungry. Various food joints cost from expensive to pocket-friendly. So, get yourself a treat as you walk along the uniform streets of NYC.

Welcome to NYC, you have successfully completed the guide to the city. Although this is just a short briefing about the majestic city, you can trust your instincts and look for a cheap airline ticket and fly to this city of New York.

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