What’s with Amsterdam Cycling Culture?

When it comes to Amsterdam, my hearts goes Sha la la la la (clap clap clap) figuratively speaking of course. This lovely city in the Netherlands is amongst the best tourist destinations to visit, and no matter how many times I book flights to Amsterdam this city strangely conjures me to wander along the cobbled streets like it’s my very first time. If you too are a newbie in this capital city, try sightseeing a little differently and instead of exploring the city on a car or by foot try cycling. The cycling culture in Amsterdam is regardless one of the worth experiencing activities. Thanks to the narrow lanes and bike streets alongside lovely canals, it gives a romantic vibe to paddle all day. Amsterdam’s cycling culture is rich, and by that, I mean culturally wealthy. No matter you are a solo rider or an ultimate duo, there is a ride for someone or the other. Majority of hostellers in the city make friends with a mutual interest in beer and ride the beer bikes. Now, how can one say no to that? You can paddle seated sideways across the table and chug your way across the city. Another fun way to maintain health, help lessen pollution and the bustling noise is by opting for a solo cycle. This is a traditionally preferred ride that will definitely and helplessly make you feel and see the city in a whole new level. So the next time you make last-minute travel plans experience cycling with your buddies, lover, even better, alone.

While I was in Amsterdam, I took my cycling spirit to a double seater. I know, its sounds weird why a solo traveler needs a double seater cycle but to clear your doubts, I wasn’t alone. I mean, I booked cheap flights to Amsterdam alone, but I met my cycling soul mate in the hostel where I was staying. Long story short, I eagerly wanted to experience cycling in the city duo style. There is no compulsion for renting a bike from the rental shop only. You can find a medley of cycles parked outside every train stations in Amsterdam. No wonder the city has been ranked the most cycle-friendly city in the world. Even if you are traveling on a business class flight to Amsterdam, the scenic city lanes and lovely countryside will urge you to get the closest bike you find and paddle in and around the city. One of the best cycling routes you can take while here is Purple Route. Why? It traverses some of the city’s famous landmarks and canals. You’ll get a strong sense of living the real Amsterdam way. Navigating your way across the roads, hand-signaling through the traffic and stopping by the open air café for a quick barista. I was fortunate enough to get a low-cost airline ticket with Cheapbestfares, and I wouldn’t mind referring to them for my next trip. Their seamless process throughout the booking was top-notch.

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