Yuhanhitec Efficiency and Effects of Air-Curtain types of manufacturing in Korea

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What’s the Air-Curtain?

Air curtains are installed to create strong air ow at the entrance to the interior space to prevent insects, dust, and outside air from penetrating into the interior space. Air curtains are used to open doors in frequently accessed areas, such as shops and warehouses, and are effective in preventing temperature-controlled air from being lost through doors.

Efficency of Air-Curtain :

Open effect :

Opening the door makes it easier for customers to access and increase sales. air circulation It effectively circulates air in a large space by creating air flow.

Blocking effect:

It prevents smoke, dust, odor or insects from entering through the entrance.

Increase safety :

It helps prevent accidental ­finger-pinching that can occur when opening and closing the door.

Luxury Type (dual-motor) Air-Curtain

Air curtain realizing the lowest noise with the refined design and sirocco fan

Slim Type (single-motor) Air-Curtain heated air curtain manufacturer

The only product at the same level with the low power consumption and high efficiency by using one motor and cross fan together with the appearance that can stand comparison as an interior decoration design

Effects of air curtains:

  1. You can open the door anytime you want to. So, customers can easily access and you can expect an increase in the revenue.
  2. Vibrations of air curtains cause circulation of the indoor air, and as a result, the cooling/heating of large indoor space can be maintained with great energy efficiency.
  3. It is effective in energy conservation not only by preserving cooled or heated air, but also by blocking outside air.
  4. You can keep the door open at all times, so that you can keep children’s hands from being stuck there.
  5. You can prevent external dusts, car dusts and smokes from entering the indoor space.
  6. You can prevent the external air from entering the indoor space in the winter/summer. You can also prevent the internal air from leaking to the outside.
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